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Vancouver Photography Packages

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Vancouver Photography Packages

Package 1:
Head shots/ One look: This is a relatively small photo shoot consisting of one look in various poses, mostly head shots and 3/4 shots. Anywhere from 30 - 45 photos are taken in either black and white, colour or both. A CD is provided for proofing unless otherwise specified. This photography package is perfect for actors and models who already have photos and need a current update. This is also great for for anyone who needs portraits done and wants more than the boring old "sears" photos.

includes a proof CD and 1 fully retouched 8x10


Package 2:

Three Looks / Larger shoot: This in a more in depth photo shoot spanning 3 changes of clothes and looks. The photo shoot will take 2 to 3 hours capturing about 120 photographs with many poses and lighting styles included. A CD will be provided for proofing. This package aims to expose the model's various looks and expressions giving a wide array of photos to choose from. Time will be spent finding the perfect lighting and posing structure to complement the model's best features.

, includes a proof CD and 3 fully retouched 8x10's

Package 3:
Full Makeover / Glamour photo shoot: This is an all inclusive hair, makeup, photography package. Three different looks will be achieved and photographed taking about 4 hours. A CD is provided for proofing unless otherwise specified. Much attention will be given to making the model appear more beautiful than ever before, then capturing that beauty forever. I can assure you that the before and after photos are shocking and sometimes unbelievable.

, includes a proof CD and 3 fully retouched 8x10's

"The joy of seeing someone realize their true beauty makes my work so very satisfying."

Package 4:

Special Location: This a very unique package shot at a predestined location. This is used to help set a unique mood for the photograph and is sure to provide an unparalleled uniqueness and artistic quality. Please call for more details on this exiting new photo package.

Price: ($300 - $400) included 2 fully retouched 8x10's


Package 5:
Portrait Session: The portrait photography session package is easily made to custom fit your requirements. The usual session is about one to two hours providing about 60 photographs taken in various poses and lighting arrangements. There can be multiple people photographed as well as pets. Black and white as well as colour photos are available.

Price: Call for quote, varies depending on session.


Touch ups:
All enlargements are fully touched up at no additional cost. The art of touching up photographs is very delicate and skilled. Tom Hawkins prides himself with having some of the best touch up and digital imaging skills in British Columbia, BC. Digital photography touch ups go much further than airbrushing and smoothing the skin. Additional density and colour correction as well as the possibility of custom effects and backdrops give photos the opportunity to be fantastic and timeless.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are Now Available!!!

This season give the gift that will last a life time,,, give the gift of Glamour :).

For Friends or Siblings:
Do you know an aspiring actor or model that needs those all important headshots? Buy them a headshot photo package that can truly benefit their lives.

For Boyfriend or Husband:
Please don't him another silly sweater that he will only wear to appease you. Give him a stylish photo shoot with some GQ he can keep forever!

For Special Women:
Men, why waste hours roaming the shopping malls struggling in vein to muster up a gift that you have probably already given her 3 years ago. Give your special lady the gift she really wants ,, the gift of Vanity and Self Indulgence!

A customized glamour makeover photo shoot will be the most fun and most memorable gift she gets all year! And best of all,, every time she looks at those amazing photos she will remember how thoughtful you were fro buying them for her!


Please call for more details on the photography packages. All photography packages can be modified to your needs and ideas.



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